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Food for Thought: How to Use Your Ontario Shed for Food Storage
One of the great conveniences of any household is keeping a surplus of food staples. Of course, if your surplus gets big enough, you’ll need to find a place to comfortably and safely store it all.

That’s where your shed comes into play. You can use the extra space in your shed as a perfect food storage area. Of course, to store your food safely, you’ll need to follow some important guidelines. Read on to learn some ways to safely store a few important food staples in your shed:

Keep Onions Stored in a Dark, Open Corner

Onions are a staple of any kitchen, as they can be used in many ways for many dishes. A wooden shed in Canada is a great place to store a sizable number of onions since onions can be kept in a shed for a long period of time.

To ensure that your onions enjoy a long, healthy storage life in your Ontario shed, be sure to follow a couple of simple guidelines. Number one: Don’t store them in direct sunlight. Instead, store them in a dark corner. Number two: Place them in a hanging basket so that they will stay dry and healthy.

Keep Your Sweets Sweet with Proper Storage

Another couple of staples of any kitchen are sugar and honey. While you certainly can store these items in your shed, you need to be mindful of how you store them to keep them in quality condition. For sugar, this involves dumping the sugar out of its paper bag into an airtight container.

For honey, you’ll want to be sure to store it away from direct sunlight. After all, sunlight can change the flavor of your honey, and not in a good way. So, be sure to put your honey in a dark corner, preferably within a box or some other closed container.

Store Rice in Airtight Containers

Rice is another great staple of any kitchen. It comes in many varieties, it pairs well with many different dishes, it’s inexpensive, and it can easily feed your whole family. So, it’s a great staple to keep around.

To keep rice around in your shed for a long, long time, you need to be sure to store it properly. To do so, simply be sure to put your rice in a mason jar or plastic storage bag, and be sure whatever storage method you pick is airtight.

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