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The Gambrella
A highly unique and creative choice for your back yard or an open field is The Gambrella shed from The Shed Company. The Gambrella shed gives you an option that is midway between a standard shed and a normal size barn. Our Backyard Sheds in Ontario offers you more storage space, but at an affordable price that you can afford. The Gambrella generally comes with a more stylish design that truly adds appeal to your residential landscape.

Outdoor Vinyl Barns

Backyard Sheds in Ontario that are made by The Shed Company provide durable quality and maintenance free unique designs. Vinyl barns are an ideal choice to store your lawn and garden tools & equipment from the outside elements and will be an asset to your property value for future homebuyers. Although styles of The Gambrella do come with a more modern look, we also offer vinyl sheds that are designed to resemble an older, traditional barn. Another option is a standard A-Frame Vinyl barn that gives you considerable storage needs. We can customize design any barn storage shed to meet a wide array of uses and personal needs.

Two-Story Barns

Tall spacious multi-level barns offer heightened storage space while maintaining a stylish design that will beautify your entire property over the course of many years. Our Backyard Sheds in Ontario contains a complete second floor with a full stairway for access. You also have options for additional windows either on the side walls or in the form of a dormer upon the roof. Two story versions of The Gambrella are built using either wood or vinyl materials. Either option means that your barn will be erected with the highest quality construction built to last. Contact us today to discover all the options available to you for two-story barns.

On-Site Construction

One of the greatest benefits of hiring The Shed Company for your next barn project is that we come to your home and build The Gambrella shed from the ground up. This ensures a more cohesive construction than building it in two pieces and then transporting it only to try to put it together when we arrive. On-site construction gives it more durability, takes less time, and removes the risk of any damage by transporting The Gambrella. We can generally get most barns completed within a day. Call us today to find out all options available to you and how we can add both practical and attractive storage to your backyard.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

At The Shed Company, we stand behind both our products and our service. This is why we provide a warranty on all our products. We want you to be completely satisfied with our customer service, the quality of our work, and your new The Gambrella shed. Whether your structure is one story or multi-level, we believe that you’ll find more than adequate storage space, industry-leading construction, and durability that will last a lifetime. Contact us today, and let us help you with your next shed implementation job. See the difference that our Ontario shed company makes!

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