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Welcome to the Ontario Shed Builder Blog provided by The Shed Company. Topics blogged about below include many Shed Builder tips and articles from our expert contractors, resources, specials, news and other updates from our team here at The Shed Company.

4 Signs You Need A Storage Shed For Your Property

While many homeowners only see a storage shed as a potential solution to their home’s space issues, the truth of the matter is that a brand new Amish storage shed can be much more than that. (more…) [...]

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Food For Thought: How To Use Your Ontario Shed For Food Storage

One of the great conveniences of any household is keeping a surplus of food staples. Of course, if your surplus gets big enough, you’ll need to find a place to comfortably and safely store it all. That’s where your shed comes into play. You can use the extra space in your shed as a perfect food storage area. Of course, to store your food safely, you’ll need to follow some [...]

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Wooden Sheds Vs. Metal Sheds: The Age-Old Debate

Being professional shed builders, we get asked a lot of questions from our clients about aspects of our sheds. One of the most common questions we get is whether a shed made from wood really is preferred to one made from metal. Our answer is always a resounding “YES” but keep reading, and we’ll tell you why. Now, you might say that our opinion is biased because we don’t [...]

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Should I Buy Or Build A Shed For My Backyard?

Perhaps your garage is cluttered and you need more space to store your stuff. Maybe you want to add a backyard entertainment area or just need an extra room for a hobby. Or you just want more space in your house. All of these are great reasons to add a shed to your property, but now the question becomes do you hire a shed builder or build your own. [...]

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Four Huge Benefits Of Garden Sheds

Having a beautiful backyard escape requires more than an idea and a few plants. There’s a lot of work involved to keep your garden properly maintained and planted, meaning you’ll need a multitude of tools and materials to make it happen. You’ve got shovels, rakes, garden hoes, lawn mowers, snow blowers (in the winter), bags of soil, clay pots, plastic pots, you name it and all of it will [...]

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Creating Your Perfect Backyard Hangout Shed In Toronto

You might be surprised to hear that garden sheds are not just for storage anymore. An extra room (or enclosed space) in your backyard opens up a ton of options beyond the norm of storing your garden tools and lawnmower. Using a garden shed for more than just storage is gaining widespread popularity among homeowners. It’s a no-brainer really, especially if you consider the cost of real estate, which [...]

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Practical Tips About Customizing Garden Sheds

Do you have a shed on your property already? Is it aging? While it’s true that some garden sheds should just be torn down and replaced, many can be remodeled and repaired instead. It is much more cost effective to repair and customize an older shed than to replace it with a new one. Yet many shed owners don’t realize this, so we are here to share some practical [...]

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Why Choose Ontario Shed Builders

Many home improvement store shed aren’t manufactured to last. The building materials for the sheds can easily become warped and damaged by moisture. An Ontario Shed Builder can give you much better shed products and can even customize the shed to suit your needs. If you’re looking for quality options in sheds for your home, the Ontario Shed Builder company of choice is The Shed Company Inc. Located in [...]

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Your Next Shelter Shed Purchase In Toronto

So you’re in the market for a new Toronto Hutch Shed, and you have no idea where to begin. You’re not alone. Since shed purchases are generally a once in a lifetime venture, most homeowners are not experienced and generally need a professional company to guide them through every step of the process. Since your shed is an important investment in your backyard, it’s important to get it right [...]

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Selecting The Right Ajax Tool Shed Contractor

As you get ready to pick out your new storage unit you’ll discover that there are a wide variety of choices available to you. This can make the selection process a bit difficult and even discouraging. With all the different types of storage buildings on the market, it is important to invest in a shed that matches your needs perfectly. Check out our line of storage units below and [...]

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