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The Pool Cabana
As the summer approaches and you’ll be using your pool, cabanas from The Shed Company are the perfect addition to the look and feel of your entire pool area. A cool designer Pool Cabana can help accent a serene setting while at the same time providing functional storage for all your pool supplies. Our Ontario Pool Houses are built with solid, durable water-proof construction in order to withstand moisture and water exposure. You’ll enjoy the stylish attractiveness of your new cabana with family and guests while you discover all the different things that you can use your cabana for. Transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis with our premium pool cabana from The Shed Company. 

Pick Your Own Style

The Shed Company offers many styles of pool sheds and cabanas to choose from. All current in-house designs can be modified to suit your own personal style. Or you may choose to design your cabana from the ground up. Simply call and schedule a consultation and one of our design team members will help you bring your ideas to life. Your final concept will look both functional and attractive at the same time.

You want the look of your cabana to be cohesive with your entire pool, home exterior, and yard design so that it doesn’t clash and become an eyesore. There are numerous options to choose from.

The Right Location for You

Since the cabana will inevitably be a focal point in your backyard pool area, you need to design a structure that is visually stunning and matches seamlessly with your property exterior including the home, landscape, pool scheme, and all other designs. Current landscape conditions and city building codes all factor into the final sitting position of your cabana. It’s important to have a sense of balance between the size of the pool, your home, the entire area, and the size of the cabana. Here is a suggested list of consideration prior to construction:

  • Total area of yard
  • Overall backyard design
  • Greenery and trees
  • City Codes
  • Property Lines
  • Other buildings or structures in the yard
  • Distance from actual pool
  • Purpose or function of Cabana

Hassle Free Cabana Installation

When searching for a company to build your next Pool Cabana, it is important to hire an experienced professional who can do a quality job and do it right the first time with no headache or stress to you. We partner with each of our clients through every phase of construction. Our Ontario Pool House will provide a clear outline of our work, a schedule of when the job will begin and how many hours it will take. All of our Ontario Pool House contractors and staff are certified and insured.

You’ll also appreciate our extended warranties on every shed we build. This guarantees your absolute satisfaction. We answer all questions and leave out all guesswork. When we are completed with the job you have a water cabana that you’ll enjoy summer after summer!

Connect with Us

If you are looking for an Ontario Pool House like The Pool Cabana then please call 844-513-7433 or complete our online request form.

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