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Burlington Shed
Homeowners in Burlington and the surrounding Ontario area look to the professionals at The Shed Company Inc for all the shed and storage needs. We provide all types of shed products for your backyard. Whether you need small storage for a few items or large storage for several tools and equipment, we can build your storage in no time. Our Burlington Custom Sheds are built to last a lifetime from the inside out.

Quality Professional Shed Construction

When it comes to Burlington Custom Sheds you want your items inside to be protected from the weather. This is why we build our sheds with the highest quality in mind. We use only industry leading construction materials that we trust. We realize that our reputation is always at stake, so we want to earn your trust and your business by giving you our best work and exceptional products. We are a customer-driven customer which means that the client always comes first. You will love how prompt and efficient we are. This ensures that you can enjoy your shed instantly and don’t have to wait.

Great Burlington Custom Sheds

We have small and large standard sheds that are perfect for your basic storage needs. We can keep your designs simple or decorative and ornate. There are some options you can choose from such as our manor sheds made from hard plastic and vinyl or shelter sheds for smaller storage. If you want a basic design but more space, then the pentagon shed may be the right choice for you. A pentagon shed can fit into great tight spots and provide great easy access for you to get around in when trying to gain access to your tools.

Decorative Options for You

If you are looking for a shed that is more ornate and offer more stylish features, then we can provide any number of choices for you. For instance, you can go elegant with the Tudor Shakespearean style shed that adds a bit of luxury to your yard. Want a more pastoral look to your country home backyard or field. We offer half-size barn sheds that give you more storage space for larger items. All of our designer sheds can be custom created for you. We’d love to hear your ideas and concepts and help bring them to life.

Garden Houses and Cabanas

We often serve homeowners who have backyard gardens or pools and are looking for a garden house or cabana to compliment their specified area. This is why we offer both for our clients. Both garden houses and cabanas are simultaneously decorative and functional and offer the best of both features. We can build your cabana or garden house from the ground up. Both are durable, waterproof, and can be custom-built to meet your exact specifications.

Connect with Us

If you are looking for a Burlington Custom Sheds builder then please call 844-513-7433 or complete our online request form.

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