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The Garden House
Certified craftsmanship from an experienced professional is why homeowners in Ontario and the surrounding Ontario area trust The Shed Company to build decorative garden houses that are built to last. Our expert team of contractors has been creating stunning Backyard Cottages in Ontario for over 35 years.

Rather than just acting as a functional shed that’s often ignored out in the back of the yard, garden houses are an attractive centerpiece strategically placed in the center of a garden or designed landscape in the yard. They are often used for specific reasons on the inside as well that extends beyond just storage. Built for durability and practical function and designed with the most selective client our Backyard Cottages in Ontario are engineered to last more than a lifetime.

The Right Garden House for You

With so many options to choose from including style, size, dimension, materials, and placement it can be difficult knowing where to even start to find the right garden house for your backyard. With that in mind, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you. Regardless of your question, your need, or your ideas, we have the solutions. When selecting a garden house that is ideal, here are some items you will want to consider:

  • Total size and dimension of the garden house. This includes length, width, and height.
  • Selecting the type and color of the siding you will use.
  • Choosing the right color and style of shingles.
  • What additional options are you considering such as windows or flooring?
  • Finally, what is your overall budget for the project? It’s important to get an accurate estimate before you ever launch your project.

Benefits of Garden Houses

Garden houses have numerous practical uses that you will find beneficial. What your house’s primary function will be used for depends on why you had it installed in the first place. Here are a few of the many daily uses for a Garden house:

Recreation – If you or your family regularly entertain guests, but find yourself without a backyard deck or porch, the garden houses can be the perfect place. Since garden houses are generally enclosed they’re wonderful for serving food and protecting it from heat or providing your guests with additional shade from the sun.

Additional Storage – Ever find that your garage or your basement is completely filled with yard tools, equipment or other yard items that generally don’t belong there. If you want to actually park your car in your garage, then garden houses make the perfect storage place, but with grace and style rather than a drab building that is an eyesore in your yard.

Guest Housing – Garden houses are stylish enough and generally provide enough space for you to create a guest house. A guest house that is separate and apart from your main home can give both you and your guests the privacy that each of you ultimately desires.

Gardening – Traditional gardening sheds are used for traditional gardening purposes such as garden storage, like a greenhouse, or numerous other gardening purposes. Garden Houses can instantly be transformed into greenhouses with alternate designs and engineering from our Ontario shed company. Contact us today to discover how you turn your garden house into a greenhouse.

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