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Creating Your Perfect Backyard Hangout Shed in Toronto
You might be surprised to hear that garden sheds are not just for storage anymore. An extra room (or enclosed space) in your backyard opens up a ton of options beyond the norm of storing your garden tools and lawnmower. Using a garden shed for more than just storage is gaining widespread popularity among homeowners. It’s a no-brainer really, especially if you consider the cost of real estate, which makes getting the most out of your existing space vital. Sometimes the addition of an extra room, even a small one, can make the difference between needing to upgrade to a bigger house or being able to stay put and save money.

So, what are some of these alternative uses for backyard sheds?

We’ve had clients who do a lot of entertaining during the summer months and have used our sheds to fashion a “backyard pub” to add another element to any get-together. Add a fridge, bar top and stools or couches for that authentic bar feel. Home studios are also very popular alternatives, ranging from art studios or workshops to Yoga studios, music studios and more. The isolation and dedicated space offer the perfect distraction-free environment to get comfortable and focus on your art. If you’ve got a backyard pool, a shed can be used as a change room for guests or if you love to barbecue, use your shed as a kitchen pantry that’s close to the grill. Families with young children can use a backyard shed to create a wonderful play area for their kids. Not only will it keep the mess inside your house to a minimum, but it will also allow you to create a space that’s dedicated to “play”. We’ve even seen sheds used as backyard offices that provide a place away from the family to get work done. Of course, many homeowners are still using a backyard shed purely for storage as well, which is the original intended purpose, acting to free up space in other areas of your home and reduce clutter. A garden shed can be a cost-effective part of a home renovation and can help you expand your lifestyle or save space elsewhere.

What really makes a backyard shed such a popular investment is the cost-effectiveness of building one. Considering what it would cost to add a similar sized room to your house, a garden shed offers a comparable yet very inexpensive option. The construction process is also much less invasive and your new shed could be built and ready to use in a weekend. The room won’t be a part of your house but sometimes that’s a good thing. Our sheds can be custom designed to fit and match your home and purpose. Building a backyard shed makes a lot of economic sense and can really add value with livability to your home.

We always recommend informing yourself about local by-laws to ensure your new shed won’t cause you any hassles or get you into trouble. Sometimes a permit is required and often it isn’t but either way, being informed is the best practice. Our Toronto shed team is always ready to assist you through the process, whether it’s answering questions or getting the job done. We offer custom projects as well as pre-designed sheds that are ready for installation in your backyard. All our sheds are precision crafted, meticulously designed, built to last and come with a “no nonsense” warranty. For your next home improvement project give us a call.

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