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Practical Tips About Customizing Garden Sheds
Do you have a shed on your property already? Is it aging? While it’s true that some garden sheds should just be torn down and replaced, many can be remodeled and repaired instead. It is much more cost effective to repair and customize an older shed than to replace it with a new one. Yet many shed owners don’t realize this, so we are here to share some practical tips you’ll want to know.

At The Shed Company, Inc. in Ontario, we custom design and build garden sheds, pool cabanas, barn sheds, and other similar structures. We also have a few models that are not custom designed and we provide shed maintenance, remodeling, and repair services.

If you are looking for ways to save costs on a new shed, think about remodeling it instead. Here are some ideas that can completely transform your old shed into a beautiful garden shed that’s highly functional.

Custom Features for a Shed Interior

Whether you use your shed for gardening or just storing old boxes, remodeling the interior can make it much more functional and inviting. We’re not talking about remodeling with some beautiful new flooring and window treatments but rather to make it easier to use and store belongings in.

A shed can be customized according to what you want to use it for. If you prefer to keep using it as storage, new shelving and cabinets can be installed inside. If you want to turn it into a fully functional garden shed, then you will need a work table and open shelving installed.

If it’s going to be your favorite spot to re-pot plants, you’ll want to be sure the floor is easy to clean so you may want to consider installing vinyl flooring or something else like stone tile that is easy to clean up and waterproofs the foundation. You don’t want soil falling in between the floorboards or water spilling on it from gardening.

The great thing about customizing a shed is that you get what you want. Your structure can even have an addition constructed to provide shade for those bright and sunny days and shelter from the rain.

Shed Repairs & Maintenance

Whether you have a tiny lawnmower shed or a large pool cabana, it was an investment so maintenance is important. One of the best ways to keep a shed maintained is to ensure it stays waterproof. A little shed maintenance should be done every year prior to winter in Ontario to protect the exterior materials.

Painting and caulking should be done as needed depending on the quality of what was used before. The better quality exterior paints can last years whereas standard exterior paint may have to be redone every couple of years. If it has been too long, the wood will be exposed to moisture and we all know that’s not good. Keep the painting up as needed.

Replacing any damaged wood pieces is also important. If hail has damaged the shed, the siding could be significantly impacted. The roof will also need new shingles when it’s time. Never neglect the roof or rainwater and moisture can get inside where it will cause more damage.

The windows of any shed can be replaced. If they are leaking or not keeping the weather out well enough, replacing them will keep everything inside dry. There are different types of windows available, so think about what you want to use the shed for before making a decision. If you plan to spend time in it during winter, choose an energy efficient replacement window.

Customizing the Shed Exterior

Is your garden shed going to be transformed into a pool cabana? If so, think about connecting plumbing to it. You can have an indoor sink, a small bathroom, or even an outdoor pool shower installed. Hanging around the pool is fun, but you’ll also want a porch for shade. Install Saltillo Terracotta tile or natural stone flooring and your new little pool house will be beautiful and functional. Be sure you keep the floor maintained and seal to protect it from dripping swimmers and wet bathing suits!

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