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Should I Buy or Build a Shed for My Backyard?
Perhaps your garage is cluttered and you need more space to store your stuff. Maybe you want to add a backyard entertainment area or just need an extra room for a hobby. Or you just want more space in your house. All of these are great reasons to add a shed to your property, but now the question becomes do you hire a shed builder or build your own. It’s not the easiest question to answer so keep reading for more information about the advantages and disadvantages of your decision.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Building Your Own Shed

One advantage right off the bat when building your own shed is the level of control you have over the project’s design. This is great because you can build a shed that will do exactly what you want it to. Building your own shed will also cost a bit less than buying, as you don’t have to pay for professional labor. You will also have a nice sense of accomplishment once the project is complete.

So far it seems that building your own shed may be the way to go… Keep reading…

Building your own shed also comes with several prominent disadvantages that you should definitely consider before plunging into any project. Designing and building a shed isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You will need to have some architectural design skills under your belt to ensure your structure is stable and weatherproof. This skillset becomes more important as your shed designs get larger and more lavish. Another thing to consider is that you will require tools to do the job correctly. These can become quite expensive in themselves and may also take the time to learn how to use. Speaking of time, building a shed will require quite a bit of yours. If you’re already working and have a family you may want to consider if you actually have enough time to begin and complete this project. You don’t want to have a half-erected structure in your backyard that you just can’t find the time to finish. You also run the risk of completing the project in a less than satisfactory manner meaning that you’ll have to spend more time and money to fix the issues.

Advantages of Building a Shed

  • Lower cost
  • Control over design
  • Satisfaction of completing the job

Disadvantages of Building a Shed

  • Lack of design knowledge
  • Lack of builder knowledge
  • Added cost of tools
  • Time cost
  • Improper construction
  • Lack of warranty

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Shed

Hiring a shed builder to construct your shed for you is advantageous in many ways. First off, you won’t need to have the skills yourself or learn them as you go. The end product will be all the better for it and in most cases, you’ll know what you will end up with before the project begins. Our shed builders also offer all sorts of pre-built designs as well as custom designs, so if you have a special project in mind we can make that happen. A professional shed builder also already has all the tools needed for the job, meaning you won’t waste time and spend money buying the tools you’ll need. Buying a shed will also save you valuable time, which may or may not be important to you. You will also receive a warranty for the construction of your new shed.

On the other hand, buying a shed will be more expensive due to the labor cost of the builder. This may or may not be offset by the cost of the tools required.

Advantages of Buying a Shed

  • Professional designs (custom or prebuilt)
  • Time savings
  • No need to buy your own tools
  • Professional build quality
  • Warranty

Disadvantages of Buying a Shed

  • Higher cost
  • No feeling of accomplishment

Unless you are confident in your abilities and you already own all or most of the tools required for the job, it is recommended to buy a shed, rather than try building your own. Buying a shed guarantees the shed you want, with no mistakes or time issues to worry about.

Continue reading for some tips on which material to use in a quality backyard shed construction before you buy (or build).

Common Materials in Shed Building

Wood – A shed built out of wood will certainly be the most pleasing to the eye. This aesthetic quality comes at a price however as wood is not only the most expensive material option but also the most difficult to build with. A woodshed will need a strong foundation as well as treatments and extra protection against weather damage, rot, and insects. However, once treated, a woodshed will not only look great but it will also last a lifetime. Design options are endless and these sheds can provide a natural aesthetic.

Metal or Aluminum – This material makes for a cheaper shed that is resistant to fungus, rot, and insects. However, metal will still rust over time and eventually require replacement. Aluminum will stop the rusting but as with metal, the aesthetics of the shed will not be as nice as a woodshed.

Plastic – This is a very cheap material option but lacks in the customizing department as most plastic sheds are prebuilt and just need to be assembled. Plastic sheds also won’t look nice and are generally not the sturdiest. Plastic sheds are not recommended.

Vinyl – This material is stronger than plastic or metal and has the advantage of added longevity compared to natural wood. A vinyl shed is a great option if you have a high budget and want something that will repel whatever nature has to throw at it while lasting a lifetime.

At The Shed Company, our years of experience building sheds for our clients have taught us the value of using only the highest quality materials and professional building practices. That’s why we build our sheds from wood, vinyl or cedar so we can ensure the longevity and beauty of any project. We fully stand behind every shed we build with our peace-of-mind warranty coverage and expert service. For a pre-built or custom project design consultation, give us a call today!


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