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Wooden Sheds Vs. Metal Sheds: The Age-Old Debate
Being professional shed builders, we get asked a lot of questions from our clients about aspects of our sheds. One of the most common questions we get is whether a shed made from wood really is preferred to one made from metal. Our answer is always a resounding “YES” but keep reading, and we’ll tell you why. Now, you might say that our opinion is biased because we don’t actually sell metal sheds but that’s because we’ve done the builds, installs, and research to know better.

Let’s give both materials a direct comparison:

The Cost Factor

Yes, it’s true that a woodenwill cost more initially. That’s because the price of lumber is higher and the material must be treated before it’s ready to use. However, a woodshed will outlast one made of metal and offer a much more pleasing aesthetic for homeowners.


The size and design of your shed will play a role in which material is best for you. In the case of a small shed to store a few items, a metal shed may fit the bill. However, as the shed size increases, metal becomes the less viable material. A metal shed will be made out of sheet metal siding, often with a weak support structure underneath. The larger the shed, the more load is on the structure and the easier it can bend or fall in on itself. This is especially apparent in snowy conditions where a metal roof is at risk of collapse due to the added weight. A woodshed meanwhile will have a sturdy structure made from at least 2×4 lumber that can support larger loads easily. High winds and extreme weather can also pose problems for metal sheds where a wood shed would be fine. Metal sheds are also easily dented or dinged by impacts that would have no effect on a wooden structure. Children playing or hail being two common examples.


This is another area where a woodshed shines over a metal shed. A burglar wants to get into your metal shed. All that is needed is a hammer or even a sharp stone to break a hole in the siding. Even a swift kick can easily cave in the door. The bottom line is metal sheds are extremely flimsy and easily broken into. A woodshed, on the other hand, is much more stable, requiring a burglar to break the lock, smash a window or cut into the material.


Typically, our customers think that a metal shed will far outlast a woodshed. “Wood rots or gets insects”, they say, “while metal is strong lasts a long time”. Not true. The treated wood used for sheds means that a woodshed will still be standing strong, with no maintenance, while a metal shed needs to be treated for rust. A metal shed will need to be sanded, painted or restored long before anything goes wrong with your wood shed.


This is the one factor where a metal shed has the edge. They are just easier to install. This is because a metal shed only requires a screwdriver, wrench, pliers and a level to assemble. Wooden sheds typically require more tools and more time to install or assemble.


We really don’t need to go over this one but for the sake of covering all the bases, we will. Wooden sheds offer a natural aesthetic that will match your home and your property better than metal. A wooden shed also looks and feels much sturdier when compared to a metal shed. In our opinion and one that our customers share, a woodshed looks far nicer than a standard metal shed.

Don’t get us wrong, metal sheds do have a place in backyard storage but in no way shape or form are they superior to a backyard shed made from wood. All our wooden sheds provide a worry-free solution to your storage problems and more. Still don’t believe us? Give us a call today!


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